10 Home Remedies For Relieving Pain

Muscle aches and pains are normal, especially if you’re active or are new to exercise. It could be due to stress, fatigue, long hours of sitting at your work desk or due to an underlying health condition.

Long hours of physical activity may also lead to body pain and stress, dehydration and lack of sleep can worsen it. Some body pains may require the attention of a doctor, while some can just be treated with painkillers or home remedies for pain.

Home Remedies For Body Pain

Salt Water Bath: Salt water reduces inflammation and provides relief from muscle soreness. When you dip the body part in warm salt water, the body will absorb magnesium from the salts, which will help reduce body aches. The most preferred type of salt to use is Epsom salt

Cold Compress: Applying ice to the affected area, helps slow down nerve impulses in the area, which can interrupt the pain signals. Cold compression is effective in reducing inflammation and pain in the joints, even among arthritis patients.

Warm Compress: This is effective when the body pain is not as a result of injury. Using a warm damp towel in the pain area helps reduce muscle stiffness and improve blood flow. The towel should not be to hot to avoid burning the area.

Massage: Massage is probably the most common way to relieve body aches and pains. When done properly, a massage promotes tissue relaxation, reduces stress and even helps in reducing nerve compression, get your blood flowing and calm your mind, thus providing relief from pain.

Massaging with balm is mostly effective, as some has some anti-inflammatory properties. You can hire a massage therapist, request a family member or gently massage the affected area yourself.

Exercise: When the body is not active, muscle stiffness can set in. Simple everyday activities like walking, swimming, gardening and dancing can ease some of the body ache directly by blocking pain signals to the brain.

At the start of the exercise, you may feel pains if you hardly engage into it. But at the the long run, the benefits of exercise far outweighs any increase in pain.

Drink Ginger: Ginger is loaded with analgesic and anti-inflammatory compounds. Research studies indicate that ginger may be as effective as ibuprofen in reducing pain.

The best way to have ginger is with warm water;
Cut a little piece and boil with a cup of water,
Separate the solution from the solute and drink. when cool.
Add honey for better taste.

Take Turmeric: Adding a little amount of turmeric powder or root into tea or warm water can be of great help. This is because curcumin present in turmeric has anti-inflammatory, analgesic (painkilling) and healing properties which help in relieving body pain.

Drink Enough Fluid: Staying hydrated can help ease body ache caused by dehydration.

Get Enough Sleep: Enough sleep or rest can help the body self-repair and recuperate. This is important for managing pain and promoting healing.

Taking Medication: Medications such as ibuprofen is a great Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs ( NSAIDs ), which can reduce pain and inflammation.


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