12 Simple Ways To Care And Maintain The Hair

The Human hair is any of the fine threadlike strand growing from the skin of humans. Its an element of beauty in humans, It can be designed or parked to get different looks.

Regardless of the texture, colour or style, there’s one thing nearly everyone wants: hair that looks like it’s been through the hands of a salon professional every week.

A few factors affect the look of hairs which includes genetics, your diet, the weather, pollution, and your overall approach to hair care are all critical to maintaining your crowning glory.

The good fact is that even wrecked hair can be revived with a few sneaky little adjustments to your routine, according to scientists. 

Simple Steps To Care For The Hair

Wash Your Hair Regularly: Regular washing of the hair is important, to ensure both the hair and scalp are free from dirt and microorganisms.

The interval between the washings depends on the kind of hair one has, If you have extremely dry hair, limit your washing to two times a week. If you have an oily scalp, washing your hair on one or two days interval, for proper regulation of natural hair oils. Washing your hair less often will also help regain your hair’s natural body and luster.

One reason for hair fall is dandruff and itchy scalp. Therefore, maintain good cleanliness for beautiful and healthy hair.

Use Shampoo Free From Sulfate And Parabens: Sulfate and parabens are used for leather up and as preservative respectively in shampoos. The two chemicals are not good for you.

They can cause skin irritation over time and increase the risk of hormonal disruptions, so try to use shampoos with natural cleansers.

Be Careful With Conditioners: Your conditioner contains ingredients that make the hair fall straight and manageable. It protects your hair from environmental aggressors and heat styling.

Too much protein can leave your hair feeling desiccated and brittle. While protein is the building block of healthy hair, use conditioners that come with balanced ingredients.

However, it should be applied only on the tips of the hair and not on your scalp. Also, make sure to rinse it off thoroughly post application. Also Use conditioner that matches your hair type, length, and treatment damage.

Try Egg Treatment: Use the entire egg to condition your hair. If you have dry or brittle hair, use egg whites to moisturize your hair. Use ½ cup of any egg mixture (egg white, entire egg) and apply to clean, damp hair. Leave it for 20 minutes and rinse with cool water.

Try this one of the most effective beauty tips for hair and notice the change,

Dry Naturally: Wet hair is three times weaker and thus more likely to break.
Allow your hair to dry by itself instead of using a blow-dryer or hot rollers. Using this artificial mode of drying technique will make your hair more brittle and dry.

If you have no time to let your hair air dry, then use blow-dryer sparingly and make sure you use a warm setting instead of a hot setting.

Oil Your Hair Properly: Pre-shampoo treatments like oiling and massaging improve blood circulation on the scalp, relax your muscles, boost shine and nourish the hair.

It also restores moisture content, enables hair growth and repairs split ends. You can choose from coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil, castor oil and the likes. Avoid using mineral oil on your hair.

Avoid Hot Water: Hot water will make your hair dry and brittle as it strips protective oils from your hair. Thus, prefer a temperature which is just a bit warmer than your body temperature.

Use A wide Toothed Comb: Brushing your hair stimulates the follicles which promotes growth, but brushing too much too often, will cause damage to your hair strands that results in frizz and split ends.

Instead, its best to use a wide-toothed comb to brush your hair.

Wet Your Hair With Beer: Pour a little beer in your wet hair. Distribute evenly and massage your scalp with your fingers for 20 minutes. Then rinse it thoroughly to get rid of the beer smell.

Do this procedure once a week for salon smooth hair. Dr. Suttar says- it is recommended that people with sinus and cold should avoid using this treatment.

Trim Regularly: Trim your hair every 6-8 weeks to get rid of split ends. Split ends form when the hair is damaged due to heat styling, pollution, smoking, stress and so on. Trimming does not magically make the hair grow faster. Hair growth happens at the scalp level, but trimming ensures healthy hair.

Eat Healthy: Drink lots of water and eat a healthy diet of raw fruits and vegetables. The most effective home treatment for hair care is a healthy diet. You are what you eat, and what you put into your body will be reflected on the outside

Always Use Protection: Just as sunlight has a damaging effect on your skin, it applies to your hair too. Harsh sun rays can remove the moisture from your hair making it dry, brittle and damaged over the course of time.

Use hats when you step out to protect your hair from this damage. Protect your hair with caps when you are in a swimming pool. Chlorinated water is bad for your hair.

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  1. Too many are not aware that fast growth shampoos (obviously without any sulfates, parabens or DEA) are even a thing. Individuals are now able to achieve longer hair and possess more alternatives. Definitely worth checking out.

    If you’re addressing hair loss, hair damage, avoiding hair disorders, fast hair growth, hair and scalp health at large, the same principles come to mind.

    For the most part, you should try to steer clear of hair treatments and products that include chemicals like parabens, DEA or sulfates.

    What is beneficial for your hair is good for your skin also.

    Clearly your content on this page hits the nail in the head for multiple reasons. It avoids the common pitfalls and mistakes too many fall into: getting ineffective alternatives. Thank you!

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