Side Effects of On Colos, the Trending Hard Drug in Nigeria

On Colos has become a common and trending word among the youths in Nigeria as it is used to refer to a type of synthetic marijuana or Colorado usually consumed in night clubs, HK houses etc. It has become a concern in the society as a lot of violence,  death and recent madness among the youths can be attributed to On Colos. In this post, we will discuss the side effects of on colos the trending hard drug in Nigeria

What is On Colos?

On colos is a type of synthetic marijuana that rolled up and smoked like Indian herb or marijuana itself. The chemical is so effective which makes them manage it with marijuana or smoke it in small quantity. On Colos effect can result in rapid heart rate, high blood pressure, seizures,  organ failures and sometimes death.

Can On Colos cause Brain Damage?

One of the popular questions everyone has been asking is if on colos can cause brain damage to people that smoke it? The answer is yes, as it can damage the brain and cause mental derangement. When taken, it stimulates them instantly and some can be unconscious.

On colos makes it harder for its smokers to focus, learn, and remember things. Though these seems to be a short-term effect that lasts for 24 hours or longer after you stop smoking. But using it heavily, especially in your teen years, may leave more permanent effects.

Side Effects of On Colos

There are a lot of side effects associated with smoking on colos and it is important to note that the potency, or strength of on colos  can vary depending on the chemical compositions and mixture with other  hard drugs. Below is a list of the side effects;

For Immediate health effects

  • Slower reactions and hand/eye coordination
  • Distorted perception of time and distance
  • Trouble thinking, learning and remembering
  • Anxiety, panic or paranoia
  • Faster heart rate
  • Increased blood pressure
  • A happy, relaxed or “high” feeling
  • Less interest in normal activities
  • Increased appetite
  • Dry mouth, Red eyes
  • Psychosis – seeing or hearing things that aren’t real (more common with higher doses of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC))

When used Excessively the following sever symptoms can result;

  • Anxiety, extreme confusion, panic or paranoia
  • Delusions or Hallucinations
  • Fast heart rate
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Severe nausea and vomiting

Long-term Effect

Respiratory Problems: The smoke from on colos when it is smoked irritates the lungs, which can lead to have a daily cough, bronchitis, mucus and wheezing like tobacco.

Cancer: The same cancer causing chemicals in tobacco has been identified in on colos and marijuana. Also adults who use marijuana/on colos may be at a higher risk of certain types of testicular cancer.

Death: A few cases of death has been reported coming from the use of “on colos” or  death due to the actions/activities of the individual while under the influence of on colos.

On Colos and Pregnancy

Both direct or secondhand smoke from on colos  is not good for pregnant woman as it may affect the unborn baby. It is also important to note that no amount is safe for a pregnant woman to consume or while breastfeeding.


In order to avoid the consequences and side effects that come from smoking on colos, the best precaution is to avoid friends that can lead, influence or persuade you to smoke it. You can avoid night outings and HK house as these are popular places for on colos smoking. Let me also remind us that on colos is illegal in Nigeria because of it’s unsafe and dangerous side effects.

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  1. What do someone under the influence of colos do about us after about 3 to almost four weeks but still there’s no change and the this that the colic usually do to the human body is still working on him due to excessive taking of it,what is the way for him to over come it,will the effect of the drug stop or it will continue

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