5 Reasons Why Nigerians Take Alcohol (Shayo)

Alcohol intake in the society has been on the high side. With its history dated back to the ancient times when people just drink fermented beverages. In the society today even children of 5-7 years engage in alcohol drinking if not under watch. Nigerians take alcohol ranging from spirits, beers, gins, vodka etc. Depending on their concentration and  make/brands.

Drinking alcohol in Nigeria is popularly referred to as shayo. Its widely used for occasions, traditional rites, gift/presents etc. While alcohol intake is largely discouraged and condemned in the society by some religious movement, little attention is paid to its benefits.

Reasons Nigerians Take Alcohol

Some of these benefits includes;

Reasoning Better

Nigerians take alcohol to help excite the nervous system there by making the nervous system active and ready for every brain work which includes reasoning and reaction to situations. Generally people believe they bring out the best in themselves when they are a little high with alcohol, it improves social bonding and time spent together.

Musicians always believe they have more inspiration when sipping their whiskey as they write their song lyrics. Friends when hanging out also use alcohol as their companion for better flows.

Forgetting Your Problems

Some people use shayo to shift or ignore their problems. Men that take alcohol tend not to get angry with little things that should have made an ordinary man angry. It also prevents negative emotions. Some married men use this techniques to avoid their wife’s nagging and troubling attitudes at home, thereby making peace to reign a home some times.

Making Connections

Its often said that friends that can help you get what you want are always seen at the bars. Sometimes the help you need in life may just come from the next guy you bought drink for at the bar. Also personalities come to chill, flex and shayo at the bar, making it an avenue for the poor and the rich to meet and mingle together. Sharing their problems and ambitions.

Reduces Some Disease Conditions

Moderate alcohol intake can be beneficial though not for everyone. Moderate drinking seems to be good for the heart and circulatory system, and probably protects against type 2 diabetes and gallstones.

The argument is seen in peoples definition of moderate which sometimes misleads so many into getting drunk and harming the internal organs with excessive intake of it.

Shayo Removes Anxiety

One of the types of anxiety is social  phobia which is simply fear of crowd or being around people. Alcohol or shayo can help one overcome this type of anxiety though its temporal  or short term. If one continues to use alcohol to overcome this type of anxiety, it may lead to addiction.

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