How to use akamu for ulcer Treatment

Akamu is a popular food for toddlers and also for everyone in Nigeria. It is known as ogi in yoruba and pap in English, akamu is made from dried corn or maize. So many people have been advised to use akamu for ulcer treatment and for weight gain. But there’s no scientific prove for that claim even though there are testimonies.

Can one use akamu for ulcer treatment?

When ever akamu is mentioned, people always want to know its role in treating peptic ulcer. Though there is no strong scientific backup for this claim, but the testimonies from ulcer patients after using akamu for ulcer treatment is convincing.

Since ulcer is an open sore that might hurt when you eat surgery, acidic or spicy foods, raw pap may be a good choice as it is mild on the stomach because it’s minimal in acidity, sugar, fat and spice.

How to use akamu as ulcer Treatment

The use of ogi for ulcer treatment can be seen to be the most cost effective choice for ulcer treatment. With ₦50 worth of akamu, notable changes can be seen. All you have to do is;

  • Dissolve some raw akamu into a bowl
  • Mix it thoroughly with spoon
  • Drink it without sugar.
  • If drinking it without adding hot water is hard for, then you can add hot water though the effects will be reduced.
  • Repeat the process for 14 days and see the wonderful difference.

People with severe ulcer pains can combine drinking pap with other medication for faster treatment since no drug interactions has been proven.

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Is there any negative side effects of akamu for ulcer patients?

So far, there is no negative side effect seen from drinking raw or hot water prepared akamu. It may only become harmful if mixed with milk since milk causes more stomach acid to be released and as such might aggravate or worsen the ulcer.

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