Surviving Harmattan In Nigeria, 5 Things You Will Need

Harmattan is a harsh season that occurs in places closer to the Sahara/Gulf of Guinea which are in the direction of the wind, between ending of November to March. It is characterized by dry dusty northeast trade wind that blows from the Sahara desert. This make the weather uncomfortable to even breath.

During harmattan, the temperature in the morning and night are always very cold, but during the day, the weather is hot, humidity also drops really low and the air is dusty. This makes the skin to dry up quickly and the wind can be very assaulting to the respiratory system.

Though the season is so harsh, with the proper measures been put in place, we can reduce the effect of the season.

5 Things You Need To Survive The Effect Of Harmattan

The following are a list of things that help reduce the effects of the harmattan harsh season on the body;

1. Apply Vaseline/Moisturizers

Applying Vaseline on the body and lips prevents it from drying, tiring and cracking. Taking Vaseline, lip balm or moisturizers with you any where you go makes it easy to access and use.
Skin moisturizer increases the skin’s water content by reducing evaporation.

2. Wear More Protective Outfits

Our outfits also goes a long way in reducing the effects of harmattan on the skin. During the cold morning and night, it is recommended that you wear thick cloths to help keep the body warm, then you can loosen up your clothes as the day heats up.

Cover your nose and mouth with a mask or towel when it is dusty.

3. Drink Lots Of Fluids

Endeavor to keep yourself hydrated by taking plenty of fluid mostly water. Since the period is characterized by frequent dehydration, its important to avoid carbonated drinks but take at least 1.5 litres of water everyday as it helps replace the lost fluid in the body. It also help the systems to function properly.

4. Spend More Time Indoors

If its possible to avoid some outdoor activities, this is the best time to avoid them and save the respiratory system and entire body from dust and harsh weather.

If you have allergy too, its best to stay indoors and also keep the doors and windows closed to avoid dust inhalation of harmful particles coming with the wind. Avoid dusty areas as well.

5. Take Vitamin C

Catarrh is always common during this season, in order to fight the negative effect of dust on the system, taking Vitamin C would help to reduce the likelihood of one contracting the flu, otherwise known as catarrh.

In conclusion, the period of harmattan is characterized by extra tenderness and sensitivity of the skin, therefore, much care is required to avoid cuts and tires to the body. Fire outbreak is also common and as such, care is required also.

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